School and After School Programs

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We feel that it is important that children are educated about animal care to promote responsible pet ownership and safety around animals. Therefore, our team goes into the community and offers talks at no cost to local schools and after school programs such as Brownies and Girl Guides.

There are two main programs that were available in the past that we took into schools to educate children that were known as Pet Pep and Spot and each were aimed at different age groups. Although these programs no longer run in NSW, we are always happy to help with developing education programs for children & we are available to come to your school to talk in class or at school assemblies. 

The children are taught about what happens when their pet comes into the hospital and we talk to them about preventative care such as, why their pets need annual injections. The children are also taught the importance of how to interact with animals safely. We take along appropriately behaved animals for the kids to socialise with. This also provides interaction for children who would otherwise not have the opportunity. A fun day is had by all, including staff.