Puppy Preschool

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KB’s K9 Kinder (Puppy Pre-School) is essential for all owners looking to give their puppy the very best start in life and the opportunity to grow into a well behaved, sociable dog. Classes are designed for puppies between 8 weeks and 8 months of age and they must have had at least their first vaccination for their safety & for the safety of the other puppies.

Classes are run by Karen who is not just an enthusiastic, qualified Veterinary Nurse - she also has a special interest and training in dog behaviour.  She has attended many courses with renowned Veterinary Behavioural Specialists including Dr Robert Holmes & Dr Kersti Seksel. In 2014, she attended a course with Dr Tracey Henderson & Tracy Bache of Adelaide Veterinary Behavioural Services with specific training on running puppy preschools.

Why Puppy Pre-School?

The average age of dogs in Australia is just 3 years old.  Each year thousands of dogs end up in pounds and shelters, many of which are euthanased due to behavioural problems. This is often the result of a lack of proper socialisation and training in the important early developmental stage of a puppy's life. Puppy Pre-School provides a safe, controlled environment for puppies to socialise and classes are kept small so that time can be spent with each puppy and their owners.

What does it cover?

Each course consists of 5 one-hour per week classes. They are conducted over a five week period.  Owners will learn positive reinforcement methods for training their puppy as well as an overview of socialisation, general health care, nutrition and more. Each course will also dedicate time to covering any individual problems and questions from owners.


Course Outline 

• Dogs in nature - Background information about dogs' natural behaviour and how this can help you to understand many of the behaviours displayed by your new puppy.

• Socialisation - Why socialisation is so important to your puppy's development and how to safely go about ensuring that your puppy is well socalised.

• Toilet training - Effective techniques for toilet training your puppy at home.

• Managing problem behaviours - Why they can occur and how to use positive reinforcement to minimise problem behaviours such as chewing, digging and jumping up.

• Training - The importance of training in your puppy's development. Where, when and how to train your puppy.

• Preventative medicine - An outline of the preventative medicines currently available and which ones are important for your puppy.

• Fleas - What's effective, what's not and how to avoid a flea explosion in your household.

• Diet and feeding - Recommendations for when, where, how often and what to feed your new puppy.

• Grooming - Brushing, bathing, nail clipping. When to start and what needs to be done for your individual puppy. How to introduce your puppy to being groomed without them becoming afraid.

• Council Laws - Advice on what's legally required for your puppy and dog friendly exercise areas in your local district.

• Missing dogs - What to do if your new puppy goes missing. Effective ways of locating a lost puppy.

• Hospital awareness - Catch a glimpse of what it's like "behind the scenes" at Leeton Veterinary Hospital and familiarise your puppy with the veterinary experience

• GRADUATION! - Presentation of graduation hats & certificates and farewell to fellow graduating puppies!