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Leeton Veterinary Hospital
Farm 441, 41 Yanco Avenue
NSW 2705

02 6953 3111
02 6953 2793

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Easter treats are not for pets!

It’s just a couple of weeks to go till we can officially eat buttered hot cross buns & the Easter Bunny blesses us with his chocolatey goodness. Family & friends gather round for celebrations and we watch those magnificent hot air balloons float by...sounds blissfully fun doesn’t it? Well it is! At least for us it is, for our pets, there are a few hidden dangers to be aware of over Easter.

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Rabbits need care too.

Rabbits are a popular pet and suit almost everyone from the elderly, to families & even single people. They can live comfortably in a large home with plenty of yard space or even a small unit with limited outdoor activity. However perfect rabbits make as pets, there are a few potential health issues that need to be taken into consideration.

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Life as a newly graduated Veterinarian

After five plus years at university it all felt a bit surreal to be finished; At least it was in my case.

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Is your Pup in Danger?

If your Doctor told you that there was a deadly virus going around that would attack your intestines, causing you uncontrolled vomiting, hemorrhagic diarrhoea and intense pain that might kill you – you’d be worried wouldn’t you? Then what if your Doctor told you that this virus could be prevented with a vaccination at a small cost? You would get that vaccination immediately wouldn’t you?

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Did you know that 1 in 3 pets will require an unexpected visit to the Vet’s this year?

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