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Is your Pup in Danger?

If your Doctor told you that there was a deadly virus going around that would attack your intestines, causing you uncontrolled vomiting, hemorrhagic diarrhoea and intense pain that might kill you – you’d be worried wouldn’t you? Then what if your Doctor told you that this virus could be prevented with a vaccination at a small cost? You would get that vaccination immediately wouldn’t you?

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Did you know that 1 in 3 pets will require an unexpected visit to the Vet’s this year?

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Topsy's battle with Breast Cancer

Masterctomy Topsy

Did you know October was breast cancer awareness month?

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Bruiser's and his Chemo treatment

Trembath B chemo 12 Copy

Congratulations Bruiser!!! Your Chemo treatment is done!!!

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Bess's fight for life


When Bess arrived at the Leeton Vets, she was very cold, pale & lethargic. Her owners suspected that she had eaten some rat bait but they were not sure. Rat bait acts as an anticoagulant (prevents the blood from clotting) by depleting the body's supply of vitamin K. Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin which is essential in the formation of clotting agents in the blood stream. It can take anything from 1-5 days after ingestion to begin to see the signs of intoxication. We wanted to run a blood test that can tell us if her blood had lost its clotting factors but she was so cold and her blood pressure was so low, that we couldn’t draw blood from her veins to perform any tests.

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