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Grass Seed Season

Rusty 2

Spring is here and with that comes hay-fever, allergies and GRASS SEED season.

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Watch Out! Parvo About!

sick dog

Parvovirus lives in the environment for very long periods of time and it can strike at anytime. However, this time of year is the worst time with warmer weather & lots of young puppies (being more susceptible to disease) getting around.

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Be Hip - Be PennHip'ed!


Did you know that we are a PennHIP Authorised Veterinary practice? What is PennHIP? Glad you asked!

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A Succesful Show!


The Leeton Show was held over the weekend and once again, we not only had a wonderful response from everyone that came into our Animal Nursery but the Big Day Out 4 Pets went off with a bang again this year!

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Votes for Vet Nurses!


The second Friday in October each year is Vet Nurses Day. This day is to celebrate & recognise the amazing work that our Nurses due each and every day of the year and this year, you can vote for your favourite nurse thanks to Petplan.

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