Bruiser's and his Chemo treatment

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Congratulations Bruiser!!! Your Chemo treatment is done!!!

Bruiser came in to see us when his owner noticed that he had big lumps under his jaw and on his shoulders. We took samples of the lumps and sent them to the lab for testing and the results came back with a diagnosis of Lymphosarcoma, a nasty cancer of the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are found all over the body and are an important part of the immune system.

When Bruiser was first diagnosed his lymph nodes were 5cm in diameter (about the size of manderins!), that’s pretty big when you are only 8kg. Now after 15 weeks of treatment, they can barely be felt and feel smaller than a pea.

Lymphosarcoma is a very rapidly fatal tumor in dogs, without treatment most dogs will only survive about 1 month. The only treatment available is chemotherapy, so that is what we did for Bruiser. A week after his diagnosis was confirmed we had contacted a specialist oncologist (a veterinarian who deals exclusively with cancer patients) who developed his chemotherapy protocol and Bruiser started on his treatment.

Chemotherapy can be complicated; it requires very specific doses of potentially toxic drugs which must be administered correctly. When it is given, we have to dress up in full protective gear to ensure we do not accidentally come into contact with the drugs ourselves.

Bruiser handled his chemotherapy with ease; he passed every blood test with flying colours and never once showed any side effects to the chemotherapy drugs. After 15 weeks of treatment Bruiser has been declared to be in remission!

Lymphosarcoma will frequently reoccur following chemotherapy, so we will monitor Bruiser closely with the help of his dedicated mum, to catch any re-emergence of the cancer early.

Well done Bruiser for being such a great patient & well done to Bruisers mum for taking such amazing care of him!

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