Easter Bunnies in Danger!

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The rabbit Calicivirus was initially, intentionally released into Australia in 1995. It was released as a follow up to myxamatosis in an attempt to control the wild European rabbit population in Australia.

Calicivirus is also known as Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease and is a frequently fatal disease of rabbits. In its mild form it causes fever, lethargy and appetite loss, however many rabbits will develop more severe signs which cause bleeding from the nose & internal bleeding, many show no signs and will simply be found dead. Some rabbits who recover from the mild signs can later develop liver failure. On average 90% of rabbits infected with calicivirus will die.

There is no treatment available for rabbits, supportive care such as fluids and antibiotics to prevent secondary infection can sometimes help. However in many cases despite heroic efforts the rabbits will die.

Calicivirus is spread through contact with infected rabbits. This can include contacted with faeces, nasal discharge or saliva of infected rabbits which can be left on anything the infected rabbits touch.
Prevention is the only way to protect your rabbit. The gold standard of this is vaccination. Rabbits under six months of age should be given two vaccinations a month apart and then annual vaccination. However with the release of the new strain of calicivirus the Australian Veterinary Association has recommended 6 monthly vaccinations following the initial boosters to ensure adequate protection.

Other recommendations to preventing the spread of calicivirus in pet rabbits are:

-          Keep your rabbits indoors

-          Rabbit proof the backyard, preventing access by wild rabbits

-          Regularly clean all cages and equipment with 10% bleach

-          Limit handling of unfamiliar and unvaccinated rabbits

If you believe your rabbit has contracted calicivirus contact the Leeton Veterinary Hospital on 6953 3111.

As a special offer, on the 28th of March 2017 the Leeton Veterinary Hospital is having a discounted rabbit vaccination day. To book your rabbit in for vaccination please call us at the Leeton Veterinary Hospital.

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