Easter treats are not for pets!

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It’s just a couple of weeks to go till we can officially eat buttered hot cross buns & the Easter Bunny blesses us with his chocolatey goodness. Family & friends gather round for celebrations and we watch those magnificent hot air balloons float by...sounds blissfully fun doesn’t it? Well it is! At least for us it is, for our pets, there are a few hidden dangers to be aware of over Easter.

The most obvious one that people are aware of is chocolate. This delicious human treat should never, ever be given to our pets. There is a chemical in chocolate that is similar to caffeine which dogs & cats cannot metabolise. The general rule is, the darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is to your pet. Should you suspect that they may have gotten into the hidden Easter eggs, please call us immediately! We can give them a medication to bring up any ingested material - time is of the essence!

Eating toasty hot cross buns slathered with butter is one of life’s great pleasures but it can be ruined as our doggo friends sit beside us with those pleading eyes. Temping as it may be, do not share that bun with your pet! Hot cross buns may seem innocent enough but the raisins & sultanas can lead to acute renal failure in dogs & cats and as for those chocolate hot cross buns, see the paragraph above!

Some of our pets are just naturally nervous little guys and changes to their daily lives can really upset their constitution. Having people around that they aren’t familiar with along with those strange big coloured things floating in the sky above them can cause a lot of stress and even make them act out in unusual ways. The fight or flight response can become very strong in these nervous pets. If your pet sounds like this, keep them in a safe, escape proof area with some familiar toys or a special treat to keep them calm.

Our team at the Leeton Veterinary Hospital wish you all a very Happy Easter and we hope that whatever your plans over Easter, may you and your pets be safe and have a wonderful time.

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