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Did you know that 1 in 3 pets will require an unexpected visit to the Vet’s this year?

Pet Insurance is a great way to help pay for those unexpected accidents or illnesses that our pets get but what insurance is the best one for you?

While we can’t advise you on just which company or policy is the best for you, we can suggest a few things to consider when comparing policies – do your research, compare a few policies and ask lots of questions!

There are many insurance companies about these days but when it comes down to the policies, there seem to be three main types; Wellness, Accident and Accident & Illness. Each type of policy will cover your pet for different things and you need to know what you want to insure for.

One of our clients has a dog that he purchased insurance for when he first got the dog as a puppy. This puppy then chewed through an electrical cord which has resulted in a heart condition that needs ongoing medication for life. His insurance thankfully is covering this as he insured his pup early in life.

Another client of ours has a dog that she also insured as a puppy which has required not only expensive treatments for skin allergies but also has required chemotherapy for cancer treatment. By having the correct insurance, she has saved herself thousands of dollars!

Not having the right insurance for your pets needs can be distressing though. For instance, we had a client that bought in a dog that she had purchased Accident Insurance for. Her dog swallowed a sock which required major surgery to remove it along with a few days in hospital recovering. Unfortunately, the insurance companies consider this an Illness, not an accident, so the dog was not covered for this procedure!

Another client had purchased insurance when her dog was a couple of years old after having been treated as a puppy for fleas. The insurance company wouldn't cover her dog for any skin conditions (ever) as it had had fleas when it was a puppy and considered skin problems as a preexisting condition!

While these last two are unfortunate instances, Insurance is a great thing and we defiantly recommend getting it for your pet. Just make sure you get the right one for you!


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