Is your Pup in Danger?

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If your Doctor told you that there was a deadly virus going around that would attack your intestines, causing you uncontrolled vomiting, hemorrhagic diarrhoea and intense pain that might kill you – you’d be worried wouldn’t you? Then what if your Doctor told you that this virus could be prevented with a vaccination at a small cost? You would get that vaccination immediately wouldn’t you?

Well, this is the case with our dogs and the deadly Parvo Virus, yet many dog owners put their much loved dogs at risk every year by choosing to not vaccinate.

The Parvo Virus is excreted from unvaccinated dogs through their faeces and can live in the soil for up to two years. As this virus lives in the soil, you can transport the virus home from dirt on your shoes or tyres on your car. The virus is non- discriminatory and does not care which dog it affects but the most vulnerable are pups under 12 months of age and it is highly contagious.

Parvo attacks the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular systems of the dog. The signs of Parvo are; vomiting, bloody diarrhoea, lethargy and a loss of appetite. Not every dog will show all these signs but each of these signs is a warning that there may be a problem.

Treating a pup with Parvo requires intensive treatment that can cost you a lot financially and even with the best veterinary care, the worst it can cost you is the life of your beloved pup.

So, are you willing to gamble with your pups life or will you get them vaccinated today?

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