Life as a newly graduated Veterinarian

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After five plus years at university it all felt a bit surreal to be finished; At least it was in my case.

I grew up near Chicago in the USA and moved to Sydney, Australia to embark on the wonderful adventure of becoming a Veterinarian. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a vet. I wanted to help save little children’s animals – just like my Veterinarian attempted to save my kitten Curious George when I was little. Unfortunately, my poor kitten couldn’t be saved; however, the vet who looked after him was very kind to me and explained what happened as best he could. Ever since that day I wanted to do the same for at least one other child.

So even at a young age I somewhat understood that working in a veterinary practice was more than just “playing with puppies and kittens”. While I would love for that to be my job, that is not the case. Since I’ve worked in a vet practice in some role or another (i.e. as a student, a kennel hand or veterinary nurse & now a vet) since I was 18, I did not have any unrealistic expectations of how varied working as a veterinarian could be. Needless to say I was quite excited once I received my degree - excited and terrified! Excited to be finished with university, but terrified that I now would no longer be sheltered by the walls that protected me for all these years. I was now a Veterinarian and had to be responsible for the care and welfare of my patients.

I moved to Leeton in January 2019 to start my new life as a Registered Veterinarian. It is normal to doubt yourself, but in reality I remembered much more from my Uni days than I thought I would. On the other hand, when there were things I was unsure about, both Dr Brian and Dr Laura were there to give me advice; as well as all the wonderful nurses at LVH to assist me.

Since arriving at the Leeton Vet Hospital, I have had the privilege of working on all sorts of animals including goats, sheep and horses to name a few. The best advice I would give to new graduates is to find work at a place that will make you think for yourself while giving you support, but not coddle you. Also, work for a place that you’re excited to wake up and go into. I know I certainly do! 


One of the misconceptions of the veterinary industry is that every patient wants to play with us all day. While this is often true, there is so much more to the job. There are some animals that really do not want you to go near them; I try not to take it to heart, as the animal is just nervous & does not know what to expect. However, we must do our best to keep ourselves, the owners and the animal safe in these instances.

We also need to do research on our cases occasionally because there is no possible way we could keep all the information in our heads without having to look some information up.

One thing that I want our clients to know is that while we may not know your animal as well as you do; when they get sick or injured - we feel it in our hearts too.

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