Rabbits need care too.

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Rabbits are a popular pet and suit almost everyone from the elderly, to families & even single people. They can live comfortably in a large home with plenty of yard space or even a small unit with limited outdoor activity. However perfect rabbits make as pets, there are a few potential health issues that need to be taken into consideration.

Rabbits have teeth that continually grow throughout their life and this is why they enjoy gnawing on everything from their housing to skirting boards to your electrical cords for the TV! To maintain their dental health, they should be given a variety of items to chew on such as leaves, twigs or hay. Some rabbits even require regular trimming of their teeth for optimum health.

Did you know that rabbits can get hairballs just like cats? Hair can normally be found in a rabbit’s stomach as they self-groom. However, as rabbits cannot vomit, hair must be able to pass through the gut. If the hairball can’t move through the digestive system, then it can form an obstruction and cause serious complications.

One disease that can affect your rabbit is myxomatosis. This disease is fatal and is spread by biting insects such as mosquitoes and fleas. Unfortunately, there is no vaccination available to protect against this disease. What we can recommend is that you keep your bunny in an enclosure that protects them from these insects.

Another nasty disease is the Calicivirus. A vaccination for your bunny is imperative to protect them against this disease. The virus is spread by direct contact with infected rabbit or infected objects such as grass or hay. The virus may also be carried by the wind or by flies, fleas, and mosquitoes and calicivirus can hang around in infected areas for up to 200 days. This virus can be very fast acting and is often fatal. If this is the case, your rabbit may not show any symptoms of having the disease.

We host an annual Rabbit Vaccination Day where we can not only offer your special bunny protection against the Calicivirus but we also give them a full health check and help to address any bunny issues you may have. Our next Rabbit Vaccination Day is on Thursday the 28th of March 2019. Please call our team at the Leeton Veterinary Hospital on 02 6953 3111 to book your spot.

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