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Leeton Veterinary Hospital
41 Yanco Avenue
NSW 2705

02 6953 3111
02 6953 2793

The second Friday in October each year is Vet Nurses Day. This day is to celebrate & recognise the amazing work that our Nurses due each and every day of the year and this year, you can vote for your favourite nurse thanks to Petplan.

A Vet Nurse’s job is one that is incredibly rewarding and varied. One moment we can be helping you to make the best decision on flea prevention and the next minute we are helping a Veterinarian in surgery.

We are the ones that give out the cuddles & pats when you’re not there, the ones that give the medication when they are sick &yes – the ones that get urinated on occasionally too. We laugh with you over that crazy thing your pet did, cry with you when your pet is sick or passes away and we get excited with you when you choose a new fur baby to love. Yet we wouldn’t have it any other way because we not only love our job but we love you and your pets too.

So if you think we are amazing , simply vote for your favourite nurse at the Leeton Vets. The competition closes on the 10th of October so you only have a few days to vote for us!


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