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Google Maps location for Leeton Veterinary Hospital

Leeton Veterinary Hospital
Farm 441, 41 Yanco Avenue
NSW 2705

02 6953 3111
02 6953 2793

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Votes for Vet Nurses!


The second Friday in October each year is Vet Nurses Day. This day is to celebrate & recognise the amazing work that our Nurses due each and every day of the year and this year, you can vote for your favourite nurse thanks to Petplan.

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Daisy the dog with Lupus


This beautiful Border Collie “Daisy” has been coming to us since she was just a few months old and she is now just over 2yrs of age.

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Squinty "Senna" the Rottweiler Gets Eye Surgery

Rott eye2

This is “Senna” and he is a 5mth old Rottweiler.

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Dental disease is very common in animals, just like it is in humans. Approximately 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of dental disease.

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droughthorses thumbnail

These Draught Horses are all movie stars and have all been treated by the Leeton Veterinary Hospital during their lives! The horses were used in a scene from a documentary about Ellis Williams. A man who moved to Leeton from Wales early in the 20th century and started one of the first irrigation blocks in Leeton. He left Leeton to join the Army and fight in WWI where he was killed on the frontline in France.

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