A Succesful Show!

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The Leeton Show was held over the weekend and once again, we not only had a wonderful response from everyone that came into our Animal Nursery but the Big Day Out 4 Pets went off with a bang again this year!

Each year, the weeks leading up to the show are spent by our team liaising with our clients to borrow their animals for our nursery & asking the  farmers around if they have any young livestock we may be able to have for the weekend. We also call in favours from our medical reps to give us freebies & food or toy samples to give away in our show bags as well. (This all needs to be fitted in between seeing patients and dealing with emergencies of course!)

Our nursery is easily the most popular display at the show. Our team donate their time over the 2 days of the show to run the Nursery & Pet Show. It is free to wander around & the children especially love coming in and looking at all the animals. The baby chickens are always the most favourite and all the kids want to take them home! We rely on the generosity of our clients each year to loan us their animals for the show and we are lucky to have such a wonderful community that get behind us & support this.

We also held a competition at the nursery where we asked those that came in, “What is the name for a baby…?” and the animals were;

  • Cow                      =              Calf
  • Alpaca                  =              Cria
  • Echidna                =              Puggle
  • Horse                   =              Foal
  • Ferret                   =              Kit
  • Swan                    =              Cygnet
  • Platypus               =              Puggle

The 1st correctly drawn winner was Bree Watts, congratulations! We hope your dogs enjoy the Pet Pamper Pack. We also awarded a special consolation pack to Salvatore Aloisi for his answers - he got half of them right and the other half of his answers just made us smile. Who knew an alternate name for a baby Echidna was a "spikey ball of death"? Thanks for the laugh Salvatore!

Here is a full list of winners for the Big Day Out 4 Pets;

Best Pet in Period Costume

1st Charlotte McGuiness & Indy

2nd Bree Watts & Alfie

Mr Personality

1st Tonia Silvestro & Roy

2nd Jacob Sullivan & Scruffy

Mrs Personality

1st Lucy Hawkett & Sahara

2nd Alison Bennett & Jessie

Longest Tail

1st Samantha Tindal & Smurf

2nd Connor Sullivan & Abby Gal

Shortest Tail

1st Angela Brown & Hudson

2nd Latia Bell & Sugar

Best Kept Cat, Rabbit, Bird or Unusual Pet

1st Hannah Bennett & Sir Linky

2nd Samantha Tindal & Baby Rat

Prettiest Cat, Rabbit, Bird or Unusual Pet

1st Dion Bennett & Bluey

2nd Samantha Tindal & Crowley

Dog with the Waggiest Tail

1st Jack Miller & Benji

2nd Amanda Hughes & Louie

 Best Kept Dog or Puppy

1st Connor Sullivan & Abby Gal

2nd Jacqui McGuiness & Cerise

Champion Dry Dog Food Eater

1st Connor Sullivan & Abby Gal

2nd Ashleigh & Bently


Thanks for coming & seeing us at the show everyone!

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